YotB Part Twenty Five: Desk Bento

Last week was a four day week at work, and I only had bentos for two of those days – I didn’t really get a chance to do a good shopping for whatever reason so I had to make do with other, non-bento leftovers and such to keep me going. I’ve continued the theme of eating at my desk after going for a walk at lunchtime, so the food I’ve been taking in has had to be easy to eat with one hand while I reply to emails with the other. My life is very exciting. Here are the two offerings from last week:

Bento 44 has broccoli and cherry tomatoes in tier one, sesame honey chicken wraps in tier two and cucumber and green pepper slices in tier three, to go with the mini cheese tub alongside it. I’ve only got one of those left now, they’ve been quite handy and a good way of adding more substance to my lunches. Plus the cheese comes in a tiny tub, that’s automatically cool and adorable.

The final part of bento 44 is the now-ubiquitous tub of fruit salad, which was exceedingly green on this particular day, containing as it did kiwi fruit and granny smith apple, dressed with a little lemon juice to stop the apple going brown. This was the first time I’d peeled a kiwi fruit; usually I just go for it with a teaspoon, treating the skin like a little cup. It’s a bit messy and it’s at least a two handed job, and it’s not really suitable for the office environment. I’ve tried. I felt like I wasted quite a lot of the fruit in the act of peeling the kiwis, compared to the scraped clean skin I’m used to, but it did make it much easier to eat with one hand, with the help of Surprised Giraffe. What are those things on top of his head anyway? Wikipedia says they’re ossicones. It also says that giraffes used to be called camelopards, so this guy is now Mister Camelopard, Esquire.

Bento 45 had some lovely oatcakes with cream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber, and a couple of slices of corn on the cob. I was really looking forward to these oatcakes – they’re coarse and organic, but I didn’t let that put me off them and, once you get to know them, they’re really alright. Sadly, it turns out that you should never prepare oatcakes the night before you want to eat them, because you’ll end up with a chewy lunch and a sad expression on your face. I mean, they were still OK, but damp. Not a quality you want in oatcakes. Or really in any food. Look how pretty they are, though, with the cucumber flowers on top like that. And I do love smoked salmon, damp oatcakes or no damp oatcakes.

The extra part of bento 45 was another fruit salad, of course, this time with kiwi, strawberry and cantaloupe melon. It drew admiring attention the minute I took it out of my bag, and rightly so because it was delicious. Cross Rabbit helped me out in not getting my hands all covered in food while I ate it, though he is still very cross about something. Look at him there, luxuriating in a hot tub of fruit. What does he have to be cross about? Perhaps we’ll never know.

This week, I am off work (and I’m getting all the gorgeous spring weather to enjoy while I’m about it, which makes me very happy). This almost certainly means no bento until next week, as I’m not really following any kind of structured approach to meals and pottering around until I realise I’m really hungry. I might put together a bento box dinner one night, though, so all you fans of YotB, despair not. No promises though…

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