YotB Part Twenty Three: Snack Bentos

I made three bentos this week, and two of them were just snackage to accompany a main lunchtime item. Still, it was good to feel like I’d been organised and I do feel great for eating so much fruit. It turns out that I’m right intae fruit, I’d just forgotten and focused on Mars bars, or more accurately Wispas, which are probably my favourite. Except Boosts. Oh and Double Deckers. But anyway, I love fruit, especially melon. And blueberries. Oh, and granny smiths, too… Here are this week’s three bento:

Bento 38 had broccoli in level one, slightly under-ripe plum in level two and plenty of cantaloupe melon in level three. I did feel a bit odd eating cold broccoli at my desk at work, though nobody noticed, or at least if they did nobody commented. Perhaps everyone’s just used to my sometimes unusual food habits. On that day I also took a nice apple to work and an Actimel yogurt drink. I almost always have an Actimel for breakfast, so I’m not sure why I felt the need to include a photo of it for this day and not for every other day. I do remember that I was in a hurry that morning and who can account for a woman who’s stressed out and late for work’s actions? Not I, and I am the woman in question.


Bento 39 was prepared in a more leisurely fashion, the evening before. I was in a hurry to take the photo though, so the star shaped egg is still contained in its little house. This bento was more of a proper lunch, and contained more broccoli in layer one, roast chicken and green peppers in the middle and the egg in the bottom. I also had a lovely fruit salad in that little tub, which in a previous life held single-serving pasta sauce. Or at least, single serving inmy kitchen; more sensible people might have made it serve two. When it comes to pasta, I don’t do sensible. That’s why I try not to eat it as often as I did in my student days, though I don’t think I could stand to eat *anything* as often as I ate pasta in my student days… The bento picks have been coming into their own this week as well, here is the lesser seen Shy Giraffe. He deserves the name, as you can see here as he nestles in among the melon, pear and plum. Still, he’s happy enough.


Bento 40 was another snack bento but I also included the main part of my lunch in it, because I wasn’t quite done going on about those lamb meatballs. They were just as good the next day, as was the yogurt and cucumber sauce. I packed up more melon, plum and pear in the bento, and I layered some mint leaves across the pear chunks, as well as drizzling them with squeezy lemon juice to stop them browning, to see if the flavour would infuse overnight. This wasn’t a very succesful experiment – the flavour did come across a little but not a great deal. I think the highlight was probably the bento pick, again. This time I used the Cross Rabbit. I haven’t really had the Cross Rabbit out and about very much, to the point where I’d never really looked at his face properly. I knew he was a bit cross because of his mouth, but look at his eyes. They’re tiny lovehearts! Eep!

How can something with hearts for eyes still look so annoyed? In fact, I think there’s quite a large element of disdain in those loveheart eyes as well as the pursed mouth. He’s a deep character, is Cross Rabbit. Still, he did a good job of getting the fruit from bento to my face, and I can’t ask any more than that.

Nothing particularly noteworthy in terms of food this week, but here I am nevertheless with what little conversation I can make of them, and I hope it’s brought a smile to your face.

Unlike the rabbit.


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