YotB Part Twenty Two: Lame, Lame, Totally Lame

Oh dear – another bad week for the cause of bento here at Rock Salt Towers. I did two this week, and here they are:


For Bento 36 I made a mini vegetable stir fry for tier one, put some roast chicken and cucumber slices in tier two and a mix of melon and blackcurrants in tier three. The stir fry was the highlight, and included mange tout, baby sweetcorn, spring onion and red pepper, seasoned with soy, sesame oil, chili and probably some other stuff – the usual, you know the drill. The best bit about it was making it in the tiny wok, it’s so quick and the right size for filling one layer of the bento box.

Look at worried bear, photobombing the stir fry. What’s he like?

Bento 37 was kind of bog standard, as bento goes. More of the roast chicken, along with red pepper sticks, corn on the cob slices and fruit – melon and grapes this time. I took a boiled egg as well, which was being pressed and wasn’t available to be photographed. I think there’s a joke in there about ‘no press’ and the paparazzi, but it’s not coming to me. Suggestions welcome. The main points of interest from this bento are Hypno Panda and Smiley Panda. For relatives, they sure look different. Or maybe Smiley Panda just has a different method of hypnotism.

Hypno Panda

Smiley Panda

That’s really all I have to say about this week’s bento endeavours. In more exciting news, I’ve spent the whole weekend so far preparing for a VERY SECRET EVENT tomorrow, which isn’t really a secret but I’m not writing any details here yet in case my mum happens to log on for some light relief. YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW, MUM!

The rest of you should head over to my Facebook page where I’ll shortly be posting an album things relating to the SECRET EVENT. It’ll make my incessant tweeting worth it. Maybe.

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