YotB Part Nineteen: Must Try Harder

Once again, last week was a solo bento week. I really feel like I’m not on top of this cooking business, never mind the equally enjoyable blogging business. For these things, I apologise. I will try harder. I’ve had a few things on the go in the kitchen, right enough, some of which I’ll be sharing this week as and when I can make time – I foresee some lunchtimes at my desk, maybe!

Here is last week’s sad, siblingless bento, and once I’ve posted this I’m off to make tomorrow’s bento (which will be the first one this week despite today being Tuesday) so that I have at least as much to share next week. The top deck of this one has tuna fillets, heart shaped rice and cucumber slices. The tuna fillets are extremely fancy; they’re the ones that come preserved in oil, in a glass jar. None of your mashed up recovered tuna flakes for me! I did once buy something called ‘sandwich tuna’. In fact, I think I may still have a tin of it in the cupboard. It was dreadful; the word ‘sandwich’ in this instance was the equivalent of the word ‘cooking’ in ‘cooking wine’. It means ‘not fit for human consumption unless put mixed in well with other things and boiled for six hours’. Unfortunately, I didn’t know this at the time, and tried to eat it on a sandwich. There’s nothing like a nice tuna sandwich… and believe me (altogether now), this was nothing like a nice tuna sandwich. The horror. It was as though someone had made fishy salt water into flakes, although even flakes is a generous description. Take my advice, just don’t do it.

The tuna fillets, on the other hand, are lovely, though they won’t be replacing normal tinned tuna in my cupboard for everyday use (like sandwiches that you don’t want to throw out of the window). They’re much like sardines or mackerel in oil, though less strongly flavoured and without the distressing bits that can be lurking in a tin of sardines – you know, eyes and spines and what have you. When it came to lunch time, I smushed up the rice and mixed in with the flakier bits of tuna, and ate the more structurally sound fillets as they were.

The middle tier was home to my two favourite green veg, asparagus and broccoli. It was purple sprouting broccoli to be precise, which is all very well but I don’t know that I don’t like normal broccoli better; I found the stems on this type to be woody and more bitter than your common or garden. The bottom tier held two slices of corn on the cob, which takes away the problem of getting corn all up your face and/or looking a bit odd in the canteen while eating a whole cob to yourself. I stuck the bento picks in for cuteness; they had to come back out again before I packed the box together. I’ve not used the bento picks as much as I’d like. I guess they really are just to make lunch more exciting for kids, or for excitable adults. They do make me smile though, and for a couple of quid it’s worth having them just so I can put them in the occasional photo.


I’m off now to tackle my ‘to do’ list, which includes making tomorrow’s lunch, cooking a pot of stew and making a cake, as well as far less exciting things like ‘do the dishes’. I hate doing the dishes. Bah.



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