YotB Part Seventeen: Lonely Bento (Includes Accidental Monster)

Just one lonely bento this week! I’ve been getting really lazy, I’m going to buck up my ideas for the coming week. I’ve got experimental overnight soup on the go for tomorrow, and a salad bento – if the soup doesn’t work I’m not sure what to do, right enough. I’ll think positive thoughts for now.

This one bento situation could make for very short post today, as it doesn’t even contain much by way of exciting, explainable food. It does contain an omelette that looks a bit like a monster though, which was definitely an accident. I made the omelette with an extra large egg (those suckers really are huge) and some peas, spinach, spring onion and salad cress. I flavoured it with sugar, soy and sesame oil, because apparently I didn’t have enough ingredients beginning with S in there already. The cress didn’t really work out when cooked, so I also scattered some over the top of the cooked omelette, and added some carrot slices. This had the effect of adding hair and eyes to what was now an omelette troll. I didn’t mean it, but I couldn’t unsee it once it was there, staring up at me through its green hair, with its five eyes. I still ate it. Victory is mine!





The middle box had sauteed courgette and mushroom, topped with steak. Nothing sinister there – except that I kind of forgot about the steak while I was cooking it so it was on the chewy side. I finished that box off with a cucumber flower; is it possible to overdose on cucumber? I think I’m going to find out. The bottom level was just broccoli, tomatoes and carrot slices, arranged in a way that suggests the broccoli might have measles. Not my greatest work to date.

Apart from the overnight soup, I have some chicken in the fridge that I’ll spruce up into something interesting for more bento this week. I definitely intend to get into better habits than the last couple of weeks, although I’m already planning a pub dinner on Wednesday… but that’s before we compete in the pub quiz, so I’m bound to use up lots of energy braining the answers, right? Definitely.



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