YotB Part Sixteen: Bento From the Freezer

Only two bento boxes this week, both made largely from the bento freezer library for ease and convenience.That means a short roundup this week, and here it is:







Bento one had rice and salad in level one, a spinach, pea and prawn omelette (and more cucumber) in level two and marinated pork, sauteed mushrooms and pickled red cabbage in level three, with a wee rabbit for elevated cuteness. And more cucumber, of course. The pork  looks weird because it’s still frozen –  I pack any frozen stuff into the bento box and leave in the fridge overnight to thaw. While I’m on that subject, here’s a link to some rice advice from Tilda. I know that some people are nervous of freezing and/or reheating rice so hopefully that might give some reassurance and good hints. So far I’ve had no trouble at all – I keep the bento in the fridge once I get to work until about an hour before I eat it, when I bring it out to come up to room temperature. I rarely heat anything at lunchtime, though I have a couple of times and, again, had no trouble. All good. Hooray!


Bento two had a pea omelette flavoured with garlic, ginger, soy, a little sugar and sesame oil in layer one, with pickled cabbage and everyone’s favourite, cucumber. Level two had three of the portable dal balls, surrounded by extreme kawai-ness in the form of Ledgehog, Hypno-panda and Apprehensive Bear. Two of the bottles held a mix of mayonnaise and garlic chili sauce, for the dal, and the third had soy for the rice in level three. The other half of level three was cherry tomatoes and cucumber slivers for prettiness.





So there we have this week’s tiny bento post – next week’s should be bigger, although I’m already planning on having Sunday dinner leftovers tomorrow instead of rice and egg based foods. Good old Sunday dinner, what a great institution it is.


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