YotB Part Eleven: Noodle Salad and Tamagoyaki

I should really clarify straight off that my initial omelette based experiments haven’t been proper tamagoyaki, but that’s a much better word than omelette. I’ve never liked the word omelette, at least partly because I’m never sure how to spell it and words like that make me uneasy. Anyway, I’ll expand a bit on the method that I used for my faux tamagoyaki in a later post, but for now let’s look at three tiny boxes of food, shall we? Let’s.




The top box is a noodle salad, with mushrooms, courgette, peppers and coriander. First I cooked a quarter block of fine egg noodles, then I smushed up some of the preserved garlic, chili and ginger that I still have in the fridge and cooked this with the mushrooms. The courgette went in and cooked for a minute or so longer, then the pepper slices just until they were heated through. The whole lot got mixed together with the noodles, some spring onion slices from the freezer, a small handful of chopped coriander and a splash of sesame oil and light soy. Took minutes to put together but I looked forward to eating it all day – and there was too much, so I got to eat a sneak preview for dinner, too.


It’s getting to the stage now when I’ve used the same ingredients most days for a week and I’m running out of things to say about them. I did some cucumber and cherry tomato flowers and romano pepper rings with pickled red cabbage tucked in. Tiiiiiiiny pieces of what is actually bright purple cabbage, all cosied up in there, getting a crunchy hug from the pepper. Yup…


Finally, we reach the last box and the non-tamagoyaki. I made this by beating one large egg with 1/2 tsp each of light soy and granulated sugar, and a tiny nugget of frozen spinach, which I had defrosted. If I hadn’t, this wouldn’t have worked out, and would mainly have been an island of frozen spinach surrounded by a lake of omelette which was fast going sticky and horrible as the spinach defrosted and leaked spinach water into the environment. Nobody needs that. So I defrosted the spinach. Anyway, I beat all of those things together while I heated up a frying pan on the  hob; I used a normal, albeit small, frying pan and not a special teeny one – as long as the heat is right this will work. When the hob was hot, I poured the omelette mix into the pan and cooked until the top side was almost completely set, like the first picture below. I nudged round the edges to loosen it, then flipped the omelette over (see figure two, where you can tell that I caught it a bit off to one side and not like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, if Cocktail had been about egg based food and not drinks) and cooked for one or two minutes more, so that when I flipped it back over it looked like the third picture. Then I rolled it up (HOT! It’s very hot. CAUTION!) and let it cool down while I made the rest of my bento, then sliced into rounds and made some into spirals for prettiness, then topped with some slightly clunky carrot flowers.

This week’s playlist is a Rolling Stones fest. Don’t bother if you don’t like the Stones, that’s all I’m sayin.


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