YotB Part Nine: Bento in a Hurry

Due to technical factors outwith my control (ie I’m on a different computer and don’t have Thursday’s pictures to hand), I will be posting today’s lunch today, and will catch up on Thursday’s on Sunday. Convoluted, no?  I know that many of you will have been having palpitations today as you realised that I hadn’t posted AT ALL yesterday, despite my excellent track record of the last week or so, so I couldn’t very well let such a trivial matter as chronological order stop me from sharing something with you word and picture hungry lot. Well, here we are, finally and for your viewing pleasure…

Today’s lunch was put together in a hurry – I had two hours last night to wrap two presents, finish a cake and make a fiddly biscuit recipe before heading back out to Christmas girls night. That’s not the name of the biscuit recipe, you understand; it was a fiddly recipe to follow. Though I think I will now have to invent fiddly biscuits. They might be difficult to make, or they might be in the shape of violins. We’ll see.

Long story short (except that I’ve just told you the long story) I ended up with fifteen minutes to make up my bento. I did have to make and add the contents of the chick bottle this morning but that was all. I also did an Egg Experiment, where I boiled some water and left an egg in it, covered, overnight. It was soft-boiled in the morning; I was hoping for hard-boiled but I think it’s an encouraging result, although it did mean wasting an egg, and that my lunch was less filling that it might otherwise have been. You can see that I’ve taken less time over slicing the tomatoes and cucumber, but you can also see that it doesn’t have to take a long time to make an attractive looking lunch, even if there isn’t anything shaped like a (windmill-shaped) flower.

Top layer: some smoked salmon trimmings; I also used these to make my sushi through the week. They’re not the best quality trimmings I’ve had, but for less than a pound they’re great value and good for thing that don’t require lovely thin sheets of smoked salmon. I piled the salmon in and added three onigiri and a rice heart from the freezer. I cut some squares of nori and placed on top, then found four big slices of pickled ginger and folded them on top, too. The chick was ready-made; he contains a mix of wasabi, soy and rice vinegar. Not too much soy, because the salmon is already quite salty, though the result of that was that the sauce was an unattractive murky greeny brown. That is mediated by the adorable chicken head on the bottle, though.

Layer two: mixed veg, except that technically both cucumber and tomato aren’t vegetables. Let’s not get into a discussion about that now, mainly because it would take a long time since I won’t be signing back in to check my comments till Sunday. Please leave a comment though, if you feel like it! But maybe not one about whether or not cucumber is a vegetable (it’s not, I know).

The tomatoes just got sliced down the middle, and were probably jealous of their forebears who were made into prettier flower shapes. Likewise I made the cucumber into batons and alternated placing them skin side up and down. The broccoli was already microwaved and just got packed in there.

Finally, the third layer, which contains fruit, berries and an elephant. My last sharon fruit got sliced up, rubbed with a couple of drops of lemon juice in case it was thinking of discolouring overnight, and packed in. The remaining space was filled with blueberries, and then I skewered some of them on the happy elephant pick for cuteness. I didn’t need to use him, but sometimes it’s nice to do things purely for the joy of it, and look how happy he is!

Thus endeth the tale of Friday bento, the Fifteen Minute Wonder. For those of you sick of looking at my lunch every day, I have an orange and cardomom cake with chocolate ganache frosting to post, too, so that’s something to look forward to. For everyone else who’s enjoying seeing my lunch every day, come back soon for more!


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