Year of the Bento Part One: My First Bento!

It’s not great, or really how I wanted, but I decided to take the bull by the horns and go for it tonight, and here is the result:


The box contains unfortunately collapsible tuna steak (cooked, not seared, for fear of poisoning – or poissoning, hahahahahahaha) and cucumber sushi. It turns out that love’s not the only thing you can’t hurry – sushi is another. And shaving your legs is a third, since we’re on the subject. Also in the bento is a courgette, carrot and radish salad, dressed with the vinegar from the ginger I am currently failing to pickle, a couple of pretty radishes cut into flowers, some tiny wee carrots and the tuna and cucumber from the sushi that fell apart before making it to the box. It’s not much, it may need supplemented with soup.

I also made and froze some delicious pork slices – marinated in dark soy, ginger and garlic then stir fried quickly. Hopefully they’ll stay moist even through freezing and defrosting.

Pickle update: the news isn’t good. I drained the radishes and re-filled with apple and lingonberry vinegar (from Ikea, of course) but they smell a bit weird and foosty today, so they’re going in the bin. The ginger is toooo gingery, despite adding extra sugar to the pickling liquid, so I think it’s back to the drawing board there, too. The chili and garlic are doing fine, apart from the fact that even a tiny nibble of the garlic is enough to set my face aflame and make any observers think that I’m having a stroke… So all in all, not a successful first attempt. I’ll follow some instructions next time.

That is all.


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