Things of Beauty Part Nine: Bento Box and Accessories

I can’t wait to have these delivered, really can’t wait. Hopefully they’ll arrive by Friday, but I couldn’t wait that long to share. This post is inspired by English Mum’s mood board post, just to give credit where it’s due. Also, all photographs are from Japan Centre – I’ve ordered some lovely jasmine tea, plum wine, red bean paste and dried tofu from them, too.

Top left is a mould for making rice balls with, and top right is a set of moulds to make boiled eggs into heart or star shapes! Eep! Middle left is a set of little cocktail picks with adorable animal heads, and middle right is a set of little soy bottles, also with adorable animal heads. The bottom row is my new mini bento box and matching chopsticks with their own case. The bento box is very small but I think it’ll hold enough food for lunchtime; it might even be an advantage, in that I won’t be able to over eat if my lunchbox can’t fit too much food in it. I’m already planning on healthy and cute lunches, and will be the laughing stock of the canteen with all my fancy accessories, no doubt. Pah, people will just be jealous.

The trouble was that everything was so inexpensive that it was hard not to buy one of everything; the bento box was only a fiver, for a start. The most expensive thing I bought was the plum wine, which came in at a tenner. I tried it for the first time last year when we went out for Japanese food and loved it so much – it was like a lovely, sweet liqueur. Anyway, despite all the temptations, I kept to within my budget – I got a generous gift of £40 for Chrimble which covered the lot and postage.

That is really all for now – I’ll be sure to post photos of my new delights in use very soon.

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