Pear, Ginger and Basil Sorbet

This recipe needs some work, but came out pretty well first go so I’d like to get a note of how I put it together so that I have something to build on.

  • 6 small pears of indeterminate type, cored and finely chopped
  • 10 basil leaves
  • 1 small piece of preserved ginger in syrup, plus two dessert spoons of the syrup

I froze the pears first, but think another time I’d blend them from fresh. So, blend the pears, in batches if necessary, along with the other ingredients. Transfer to a tub and freeze, without dropping on the floor at any time. Will make about eight scoops – I had to break it down with a metal spoon then stir with a wooden spoon to smooth before serving, to get the texture right.


  • gritty texture
  • slightly brown colour
  • couldn’t be scooped and served without some extra stirring/smoothing action

Possible solutions:

  • use riper pears, or different kind of pears?
  • pass through a sieve or muslin before freezing?
  • cook pears first?
  • add lemon juice, orange juice or lime juice (will this affect the flavour too much?)
  • cooking pears may preserve colour better without adding anything
  • add xanthan gum to improve stability and reduce ice forming?
  • make sure it is packed into the tub so there is a smooth surface to serve from?
  • add booze and/or sugar? (based on this recipe, which I only looked at today)

That is really all. Bit of an anticlimax, possibly, but there you have it. A quality product though – I didn’t even give it a stir half way through freezing to break up the ice crystals. I did, of course, drop it on the floor so I suppose a good shaking did the trick, instead…


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