Broad Bean Puree and an Exciting Turn of Affairs

Well, as any of you who follow my Facebook profile will know, there has been an interesting turnip for the books this week. I replied to a Gumtree ad from someone who was getting requests at her cupcake stall for birthday cakes and such, but didn’t have time to make them herself. Basically the ad said ‘I’ll do the paperwork, you do the baking’ and I thought ‘yes.’.

I was really nervous about even replying – in fact I almost didn’t at all. I felt like a fraud, like I was masquerading as a baker when really I’m just a rank amateur. Well, amateur anyway, usually I’m pretty clean about my person. However, I sort of steeled myself, with some encouragement, and sent a quick reply. I didn’t exactly sell myself. What I said was ‘I like to bake cakes, me, but I’m not professional or experienced or anything so I understand that you don’t want me to do it so bye then…’. I did include a link to all my photos, though, and I guess they spoke for themselves, because I had a reply to arrange a meet-up for a chat about pricing, sell-by dates and even the possibility of selling some of the baking I already make for sale at her cupcake stand. I still feel like it’s too good to be true; we’ll find out on Thursday evening. I’m going to spend tomorrow evening getting my costs straight, trying to figure out what fair sale prices might be, thinking about how long different things will stay fresh for and maybe whipping up a couple of samples from the currently limited supply that is my kitchen cupboard. It’s the week before payday. Lean times.

Overall I feel really excited about it, though cautious in case it doesn’t really work out. There are practical considerations to… well, consider. The way I see it, though, even if nothing comes of it, it’s been a fun couple of days, and it’s made me feel a lot more confident about the idea of selling my baking for (fun and) profit. There’s not a whole lot more to the story; I’ll post updates as I have them, and in the meantime here’s a link to the girl/lady/woman/human person’s website and Facebook pages.

Just a quick recipe link and picture to brighten things up a bit. I’d never bought or used broad beans before, so I was interested to try this Broad Bean Puree. It’s really fresh tasting, and a treat on a nice slice of wholegrain bread… Mmmm… Bread…

The rosemary and garlic flavours aren’t overpowering, so you still get all the good green-ness of the broad bean itself. I really enjoyed podding the beans, too – it’s one of those tasks that you can sort of set ourself to auto-pilot for and get on with while listening to some tunes or watching a bit of TV. Not so much while reading a book, though. It’s a satisfying job, a job where there is a definite result at the end – a pile of neatly shelled beans. Then when you blanch them they turn this great, vivid colour which for some reason I really like. Happens with a few green veggies, there’s just something so vibrant about it that you can almost feel it doing you good just looking at it.

I’ll dash for now – today will probably involve a lot of thinking about potential sample recipes until I can finally get home and do something about it. There is a big work-related spreadsheet with my name on it though, perhaps I can lose myself in the numbers. I certainly promise to try…


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