Adventures in the World of Popcorn

A plan to go to the cinema this weekend gave me a great opportunity to have a go at some more popcorn. Not that I saw that as the main reason to go, of course. Oh no, absolutely no way. There were many reasons, many and varied, and this just happened to be yet another one to add to the list. What is definitely not happening is that I’m definitely not finding myself more and more obsessed with food, and with making food that I can take pictures of and post online. I’m sure that is crystal clear to anyone reading…

Just a very quick post before bed, then, to show my efforts. I made one savoury tub and one sweet, keeping both simple for now while I get into the swing of how different flavourings work, how well different ingredients adhere to the popcorn and basically what works and what doesn’t. I’d say that both of these were a success story, which is a promising start.

The sweet option was cinnamon flavoured. Nothing complicated about this one – I added half a teaspoon of cinnamon to two tablespoons of granulated sugar and poured over the warm popcorn, then put the lid on the tub and shook to mix. I found that I had to add a further half teaspoon of cinnamon, and that a lot of the sugar – at least half – ended up in the bottom of the tub, but I still achieved a fine coating and a kind of subtle flavour. I’d be interested to try two teaspoons of cinnamon, maybe mixed with an equal amount of sugar, for a more definite flavour hit. Still though, extremely edible. It also took on the colour of the spice, which I really liked – you can see that best in the photos of the two tubs side by side.

The savoury option was salt, pepper, garlic and chili – as per the grinder I always keep by the cooker. It saved me having to mix up my own, and I know the proportions are good, given that I use the mix to an almost excessive degree. It’s especially good over cheese on toast. The main flavour is salt, followed by chili, and then a hint of garlic and pepper in the background. This was my tub, and I really enjoyed every bite. There was a gentle heat from the chili, which added to the salt to make the popcorn enormously (here comes the word) moreish. A stupid word, but one which undeniably fits in this case. I like the simplicity of just turning the mill over the top of the popcorn, shaking to mix and that being the end of the process. The sweet popcorn was easy to make, then this was beyond easy. Before easy, in fact; on the scale of easy to hard this has a negative value. Which is a positive thing. I think I’m getting bogged down with words here. I didn’t find a lot of salt left at the bottom of the tub, the way I found a lot of sugar, and aesthetically this tub was nice because you could see the little red flecks of chili among the pale popcorn.

That’s really all I’ve got for now – I would recommend getting some kernels for popping, it’s so much cheaper than buying it ready made and hardly takes any time. Plus it makes a cool noise, and you can choose your own flavourings. What more could you ask for?

Tunes: I also went to a gig this weekend, and learned about the joys of Endor. It was their (apparently long overdue) album launch, and I had an ace time. Having seen them once I don’t feel qualified to say much more than ‘check them out’. I even got to clap along to one of their songs, which always makes me happy.

Viewing: The film we went to see was Wild Target, and I found it as enjoyable as the popcorn; perhaps even slightly more. It’s one of those British films that doesn’t over-explain the characters and just asks you to believe their eccentricities and accept their non-existent back stories, which I for one am quite comfortable with. A good amount of gentle nonsense, all centering round the life of a hitman. You know how gentle that profession is. The highlight, though, is probably Martin Freeman’s teeth – they’re something else. You can’t help but laugh, he’s like Tommy the Pinball Wizard.


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