The Joy of Popcorn

Two great things happened to me this week. Well, in all fairness lots of good things happened but it’d probably not make for a particularly interesting read for anyone bar me, so I won’t go into any detail. I just wanted to make a really quick post to share these two things in particular.

First – I won a competition, and the prize was a Flip camera – how exciting! I now own a device for recording up to two hours of HD quality video, and then making (extremely simple) movies from the clips I’ve shot. And it was free! I can’t really get my head round the idea that this thing is mine. Usually for an item as big as this I would have spent a long time thinking about it, and wanting to own it, and comparing prices and putting myself off buying it for a few months before I actually took the plunge and parted with my hard-earned. Having a camera sent to me out of the blue is a very different experience. I found out about it on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday, and today is the first chance I’ve had to properly check out what it does, and the software that comes with it, and I have to say that I’m really, really pleased. Now, you may be wondering why I think that this is relevant to my blog, and what on earth it has to do with either food or rocking out. Well, now I can not only share my distinctly average photography skills with you, but I can also share my distinctly average filming skills too. I know you’ll all be delighted.

The second thing is that I made popcorn. Not as exciting as the first thing, but related in that I could film the fun while I was about it, and I have now two videos to share with you. Nothing very good, just one of the corn popping, complete with cool popping sounds, and one of the caramel coating bubbling away. I’ll share the recipe with you in a future post, for now here is the documentary footage…

Now that I know how easy it is to make popcorn I’ll definitely be doing so a lot more – it was great with a sticky caramel coating, but (in collaboration with work colleagues) I have come up with other ideas for things to add to the corn, including but not limited to:

  • salt and pepper
  • butter and chili
  • chocolate and chili
  • caramel flavoured with liqueurs
  • caramel flavoured with fruit
  • spiced sugar
  • ground spices
  • garlic and herb? this one I’m pretty unsure about but I’m looking forward to giving it a go
  • herb or spice syrups – tarragon, juniper berry, vanilla, star anise…
  • ground almonds, or a thin nut butter (may have to enlist the help of Miss K, for whom I recently bought a peanut butter maker)
  • flavoured oils – sesame oil, basil oil, truffle oil for when the Queen visits…

As you can tell, the whole popcorn thing is just about to kick off. This just got real.We’ve got a live one. Other such phrases.


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